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The history of the Veatrice Victoria Reid Nursery and Kindergarten is synonymous with the history of Reid Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s Bishop Frank M. Reid Sr. sensed a need to plant a church in the Greenview Community. Greenview was the community where African-American World War II Veterans settled in the Columbia Area after the War. The soldiers started their families in Greenview.


Rev. Lee M. Seward was sent to organize the congregation, but when he arrived in the community he was surprised by the amount of young people. He organized a daycare in 1953 as a way to minister to the families in the community. The school began to grow and become a community fixture. After the establishment of the kindergarten, Rev. Seward held the first worship service in 1954.


The V. V. Reid School is governed by the Board of Directors made up of members of Reid Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church and the community.  Our pastor, Rev. Carey A. Grady currently serves as the CEO.


The school's motto is "Reid Today ... Lead Tomorrow", and the colors are blue and white.  The school's mascot was designed by Mr. King B. L. Jeffcoat and illustrated by Addie Eikner in 1989. They remain a vital part of our school's rich heritage.


Mrs. J. J. Sullivan was appointed the first Director of the V. V. Reid Nursery and Kindergarten.  Other Directors were: Mrs. K. W. Anderson, Mrs. Ruth C. Simons, and currently Rev Janie Williams.


On August 21, 1989 with God’s continued blessings a new undertaking for V.V. Reid School complex began. The V.V. Reid Nursery and Kindergarten was expanded and the V.V. Reid Elementary School opened with ten (10) classrooms, a cafeteria and library. The elementary school program started with grades 1-3 and grades 4 and 5 were added consecutively. The V.V. Reid School is governed by the Board of Directors.


We believe that a quality education is more than learning facts and figures.  Our goal has consistently been to offer our students a well-rounded academic curriculum that will develop the "whole" child socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, aesthetically, and spiritually.


The V. V. Reid School has educated thousands of students over its 65 year history. These students have gone on to excel academically and become valued leaders in their schools, on their jobs and in their communities.


Thank You for allowing us educate and shape young minds. We recognize it is an honor and privilege by God to do so. For more information about V.V. Reid please view our webpage at and for more information about our Church please visit


In The News

Preserving and Carrying Forth the Legacy of Reid Chapel & V.V. Reid

Rev. Grady laid out his plan to bring new energy to V.V. Reid Academy and to have the school re-establish itself as a part of the community.

V.V. Reid Alumni Association to Host Its Inaugural Meeting

V.V. Reid alumni from across the state are encouraged to attend the inaugural meeting and lend their voice to ensure the success of the association and the future of V.V. Reid.

Rev. Carey A. Grady Talks about the
History and the Future of V.V. Reid

V.V. Reid has been an icon in the Greenview Community for decades.The school has been educating and inspiring young people since 1954 and many throughout Columbia still recall their days walking through its hallways. Now, Reverend Carey A. Grady, Pastor of Reid Chapel AME Church has a new vision for the school and sat down to talk with us about his mission to ensure that the community knows that V. V. Reid is still alive and well.

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