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Philosophy of Education

The V.V. Reid Elementary School believes that a quality education is more than learning mass facts and figures.  Our goal is to offer an quality academic curriculum that will develop the "whole" child socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, aesthetically, and spiritually. This holistic approach to education suggests that every child must be given the opportunity and the encouragement required to develop to his/her maximum potential.  We believe that Christian examples and instruction should be used to help the child learn to cope in the world in which he/she lives.  We believe that the school is the vehicle for the child to develop an awareness and appreciation of his/her environment and the world surrounding that environment. Therefore, V.V. Reid School is:

  • God-Glorifying - recognizing that all of life must be seen from God's eternal purpose of creating a people for Himself - a people who will love Him freely without reservation and who will worship Him, giving honor and glory befitting to him and recognizing that all children are precious in His sight.

  • Christ-Centered - recognizing and celebrating that there is no area of life over which Christ is not central.

  • Parental Lead - recognizing God who in His wisdom, entrusts His children to parents who He holds accountable to bring His children up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."  The teachers and staff at V.V. Reid are keenly aware of the high privilege of assisting parents in their quest to educate our children to God's glory.


Committed to Christian Values declaring:


  • God has created us to do good works which He ordained for us before the foundation of the world.  He expects and requires us to be industrious.

  • God will provide for His children's every need.  God's provisions are always adequate.

  • God expects and demands personal integrity.

  • God expects and demands personal holiness.

  • God expects and demands that we be charitable.

  • God expects and demands us to persevere.

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The V.V. Reid School Board of Directors has adopted the following goals for the instructional program recognizing that every child can achieve with our help and God's guidance.


1. To provide a stimulating environment that will encourage a genuine respect for knowledge and love for learning.


2. To be aware of students' challenges and opportunities as well as their talents.  To help them achieve the best of which they are capable.


3. To develop self-reliance, self-confidence and pride in one's ethnicity.


4. To encourage students to examine and use information in a logical manner, to enhance problem-solving abilities, and to develop critical thinking skills.


5. To learn respect for self and others.


6. To instill self-discipline within the child.


7. To encourage inventiveness and creativity.


8. To practice courtesy, cooperation, honesty, and to abide by the


rules established by society.



9. To develop good character and positive work ethics.


10. To make learning interesting, enjoyable and relative.

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